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Brevard County HOA/Condo Association Property Mangement

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Brevard County Community Association Management
Are you a Homeowners Association or Condo Association board member looking for a Brevard County Community Association Management/Property Management Company? Space Coast Property Management offers professional HOA Management, Condo Association Management & Property Management services for all areas of Brevard County including Melbourne, Viera, Rockledge, Merritt Island, Indialantic, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa, Palm Bay and Suntree.

Brevard County HOA/Condo Association Management Services

If you are a Brevard County HOA or Condo Association seeking full service or partial service Homeowners Association Management or Condo Association Management, SCPM offers the following Community Association Management Services.

  • Full Service HOA/Condo Association Accounting Services
  • HOA/Condo Association Record Keeping
  • HOA/Condo Association Routine Property Inspection by a Community Association Manager
  • HOA/Condo Association Rule/Covenant Enforcement
  • HOA/Condo Association Rule/Covenant Violation Notification
  • HOA/Condo Association Annual Budget & Reserve Budget Preparation & Management
  • HOA/Condo Association monthly assessment and fee collection and Bank Deposits
  • HOA/Condo Association Annual Budget Meeting Preparation & Management
  • HOA/Condo Association Board Meeting Preparation & Management
  • HOA/Condo Association Annual Meeting & Board of Directors Election Preparation & Management
  • HOA/Condo Association Special Meeting Preparation & Management
  • HOA/Condo Association Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Management
  • HOA/Condo Association Property Maintenance Services & Management
  • HOA/Condo Association On-Demand Maintenance Projects
  • HOA/Condo Association Management of Emergency Maintenance Problems
  • HOA/Condo Association Contractor Bid Solicitation and Bid Review Management
  • HOA/Condo Association Management of Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance of HOA common areas
  • HOA/Condo Association Special Assessment Study and Support

Space Coast Property Management's Community Association Management contracts can be tailored to accommodate the needs of your community association. If you would like to receive a quote for professional and affordable Community Association Management, please call and ask for Todd Workman at 321-733-3382.

Brevard HOA and Condo Association Management Services

Covenant Enforcement:

  • Administrate the entire “Covenant Enforcement Program” in accordance with the recorded Rules and Regulation of the client.
  • Monthly violation inspections of all common and limited common elements assessable to management. Issuance of Violation Letters from our VMS system will be completed within 3 days of the inspection that discovered the violation.
  • Provide Directors a VMS report that summarizes existing violations. Schedule, prepare evidentiary material, and conduct quarterly Infraction Committee Hearings weekdays, during normal business hours, in accordance with the Boards direction, Bi-Laws, and Rules and Regulations.

Board Meetings:

Regular or Special Meetings of the Board during normal business hours to include:
  • Administratively assist the Board in the preparation of Agendas.
  • Prepare for Board member posting as necessary, Agendas 48 hrs to 7 days prior to the meeting.
  • Provide CAM (Community Association Manager) level consultation to Board Members during scheduled Board Meetings.
  • Take Minutes of the meetings and prepare a draft for the Secretary within 7 workdays of the Board Meeting.
  • Provide a Manager’s Report as required by the Agenda.
  • Provide Board Packages electronically prior to the meeting to include, Managers Report, VMS Balance Sheet, VMS Delinquency Report, bids for consideration, and other reports as required by the Meetings Agenda..
  • Weekend Meetings will be charged an additional $50/ Meeting with a minimum of 3 weeks notice.

Annual Meeting/ Organizational Meeting:

  • Solicit Candidates and Candidate information Sheets via a mailing to owners in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Assist in the preparation of the first notice of Annual Meeting in accordance with legal requirements. (Intent to be a Candidate, Candidate Information Sheets, Draft Agenda, Quorum Proxy, and Instruction Page)
  • Assist in the preparation of the second notice of Annual Meeting in accordance with legal requirements. (Candidate Ballot, Candidate Ballot Envelope, Quorum Proxy, Other proxy questions, Proxy Envelope, Revised Agenda, Budget if Applicable, and Instruction Page.
  • Coordinate Authorized Voter Certificates.
  • Prepare Sign in Sheets, and a Ballot Box for Annual Meeting.
  • Assist Election Committee with their duties.
  • Provide CAM consultation to Board Members and The Election Committee during Annual Meetings.
  • Take Minutes of the Meetings and prepare a draft for the Secretary within 7 workdays of the Board Meeting.
  • Provide a Manager’s Report as required by the Agenda.

CAM facility inspections and board consul for facility conditions:

  • Inspect all facility components monthly that the association is responsible for.
  • Supervise and/or determine the order of priority and needs for the facilities along with The Property Management Companies internal staff where applicable.
  • Solicit qualified contractor bids based upon Board approved Scope of Service (created by The Property Management Company) for all reoccurring maintenance service contracts. These include alarms, sprinklers, landscaping, fire pump, diesel engine, pest control, pool, and cable service.
  • Solicit qualified contractor bids based upon Board approved Scope of Service (created by Professional Engineer, Industry professionals, or 3rd party consultants) for all non-annually reoccurring maintenance projects.
  • Supervise the work of reoccurring maintenance service contractors.
  • Assist municipal inspectors, fire alarm inspectors, and sprinkler inspectors to access equipment and areas of the facility necessary to complete inspections and repairs.


  • Deposit of checks a minimum of 4 times per month (at least weekly). Lock box and ACH bank downloads will occur a minimum of 3 times weekly.
  • Prepare all Accounts Payable checks and deliver electronically to Board for signatures a minimum of 3 times per month.
  • Prepare Monthly Income/Expense Statements and Balance Sheet. Reports available to the Board within 15 days of the receipt of a bank statement. (For example: May Financial report will be processed in June, within 15 days of the May’s bank statement being received by The Property Management Company.
  • Assist the Association with the preparation of the Annual Budget, including Reserve Fund Schedules.
  • Make CPA adjustments as necessary based on audits, reviews, or compilations. (Any Annual Changes required per year-end reporting)
  • Send 2 friendly reminder letters of missed payments within 30 and 60 days respectively at the point of first delinquency, based upon the community documents. Subsequent missed payments will not receive reminder letters until the account is brought current. This policy shall exist even with monthly assessments communities.
  • Assist the Treasurer with the creation of a Description of Accounts prior to budget creation annually. The Description of Accounts will act as a guide for Board Members and The Property Management Company to understand exactly what expenses will be included in each sub account throughout the following year.
  • Coordinate, if necessary based on the bank The Client utilizes, a bank coupon to each owner for assessments.
  • Website Option #1

    - Secure VMS website SCPM maintained to include:
    • Add documents to the websites document storage area based on board direction.
    • Provide login and password letter to each new owner.
    • Integrated with real time financial reports to Board Members
    • Integrated with real time account balance and covenant information to Owners

    Website Option #2

    Customized public website, Maintained by The Management Company to include:
    • Add documents to the websites document storage area based on board direction.
    • Calendar of events
    • Officer- Committee report postings
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Polling module for surveys
    • Joomla based content management systems with up to 20 pages
    • Up to three hours per month of maintenance

    Website Option #3

    non- secure semi-custom public website, Committee Maintained to include:
    • Calendar of events
    • Officer- Committee report postings
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Polling module for surveys
    • Joomla based content management systems with up to 10 pages
    • 2 hours of Joomla training (this will enable the committee member to add pages or information as they desire).

    Client Relations:

    - Services provided from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays excluding holidays to include:
  • Send a welcome packet to each new owner based upon receipt of a deed at closing.
  • On-going phone and email assistance to all residents in a friendly, professional tone to include non-CAM level resident concerns regarding account balances, insurance questions, reporting of covenant violation concerns and issues, and web site questions.
  • Additional CAM level assistance:

    • Continual normal business hour guidance regarding collections, maintenance, documents, Roberts Rules of Order, accounting, reserves needs, and applicable state statues.
    • Assist the Treasurer in the preparation of the budget for consideration to The Budget Committee or Board of Directors.
    • Other Committee Meetings will be billed at the regular Board Meeting rate.
    • Report and summarize matters turned over to legal counsel.
    • Demand, collect, and organize lease/ tenant information.

    Act as Registered Agent-

    • Received registered mail and legal documents sent to the Association.
    • Distribute as necessary to the Board of Directors and Authorized recipients such as the association’s attorney registered mail and legal documents sent.
    • File and store all registered mail and legal documents received.

    Supervision of contracted services associated with insurance claim repairs, building rehab, renovations and capital improvements.

    • Coordinate contractors, and owner’s schedules for repair or improvement efforts.
    • Inspect completed work as the firm or its employees may be licensed to perform.
    • Organize pay request with contract documents.

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    Brevard County is a county that takes up 1557 square miles on the east coast of Florida known for its beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches, long winding rivers such as the St. Johns River, preserves, wetlands and wildlife. If you love nature, fishing, surfing or other outdoor activities, then obviously Brevard County Florida has something to offer. Brevard County is also world famous for the Kennedy Space Center which has influenced it being known as the Space Coast and also possibly the area code 321, as in 3-2-1 BLASTOFF! Its no wonder so many retirees from up north (Snowbirds) like to call Brevard County their home in their later years.

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